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AI vs Humans: Who Will Win the Content Writing Battle?

AI in content writing has changed the dynamics of the copywriting game forever. While it’s still too early to decide which side will win, there are plenty of factors and considerations you should keep in mind when deciding between using AI or humans in content writing. This article provides you with the pros and cons of each side so that you can make an informed decision when hiring content writers or choosing your own content creation strategies.

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How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) work?

An AI content writing system is a software that utilizes algorithms to write high-quality content without human interference. Although many people think of robots as physical machines, they are just as likely to be software systems that do things humans can’t —or won’t—do. It’s possible for an artificial intelligence algorithm to operate effectively, but these systems haven’t been perfected yet, and so many companies still use humans for writing their content instead. Humans are much more capable at picking up on errors and correcting them than bots are.

How can AI help in content writing?

A lot of times, AI’s magic is that it can help you do more than you can do on your own. A content-writing bot could take information from a database and provide relevant copy to fill out a white paper. It can write an entire landing page or opt-in box using nothing but keywords pulled from your website. And if these bots ever become advanced enough to understand other languages, they will be able to complete multilingual content marketing in real time. In fact, that might be their most revolutionary ability of all. With just one writer and one computer, we could create content in any language—simultaneously.

AI vs Human Article Writers

It’s no secret that, as online publishers, content writers are a dime a dozen—especially when it comes to writing news articles. Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast gaining ground in fields such as journalism and creative writing, which raises a very important question: In an industry with so many available talents and tools, will humans still be needed to produce original articles in a few years? Or will AI beat them at their own game? Let’s take a look at both sides of the story. First up… human writers! They can write about anything; also known as generalists. Machines don’t know what they’re doing yet! They come pre-equipped with experience and work ethic.


It’s clear that both humans and artificial intelligence will continue to be integral parts of content creation, but who will ultimately win in 2022? Both sides have their merits and disadvantages. For example, people can easily build relationships with clients and understand what types of articles get shared on social media, whereas artificial intelligence often struggles to accurately predict what types of posts work well with certain audiences. However, artificial intelligence is easier to scale and can churn out massive amounts of content quickly—something humans simply cannot do. So what does all of this mean for brands looking to win over their audience in 2022? It means you should use a combination of AI-generated content and human-created content moving forward.

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