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Airdrop with Android – a Snapdrop guide

Just like iOS, you can also use Airdrop on android too. You can share photos, videos, contacts, links etc with snapdrop on android. It’s really easy to transfer files between any two Android devices by using Snapdrop. Let’s get started with this guide.

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Download Snapdrop and install it

The app requires Android 4.1 and above, can be downloaded in google playstore. The usage is very simple, you just need to select an image or video files and long press on it and then select Share,and choose Snapdrop, where will appear two buttons: Snapdrop to Snapdrop,and Snapdrop to SNS,select either one you want. If you click on Snapdrop to Snapdrop, your selected image or video file will be sent from your android device directly to another snapdropped android device nearby, if somebody else has installed snapdropped in his/her device nearby. However, if it is not available for other person’s android device nearby at that time, nothing will happen for both of two devices!

Detailed Snapdrop Guide

Snapdrop is an android airdrop service for file sharing. You can install it on any android or even an iOS device and access files stored on any other snapdrop device in your local network. It enables you to share files from one android phone to another without using data. Its completely free, secure and accessible from all platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Android). You can also use it by pairing phones over Bluetooth or NFC but its best feature is that its internet independent. This way you can share files between two phones which have no means of connectivity or wifi at all (like inside an office). This has many implications especially in business scenarios where people need to collaborate often and are not always connected to a wifi source. Go ahead, try downloading snapdrop and give it some feedback!

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