Legal Insights Rap Style

Yo, listen up, I got some legal insight
Gonna rock the mic and make it tight
Talkin’ ’bout business casual dress code policy template
You gotta know it if you wanna be elite

When you’re in the game of lacrosse
Gotta protect yourself, no loss
Legal lacrosse shoulder pads is what you need
To play the sport and succeed

Examples of easements land law is the next topic
Know your rights, don’t be myopic
Understand the legal jargon, don’t be a fool
Land law is serious, don’t break the rule

Oh, Florida real estate commission rules
And regulations, you gotta know the tools
Florida real estate commission rules and regulations
Are gonna keep you on top, gonna give you the occupation lube

Government employees, do they sign non-disclosure agreements
Do government employees sign non disclosure agreements, you gotta understand
Protecting sensitive information, that’s the key
Keeping the government’s secrets, you gotta agree

Don’t pirate, don’t steal, don’t be a fraud
Non piracy agreement, respect the law
Enforcing legal contracts, that’s the game
Be legit, don’t bring yourself to shame

Nebraska vehicle bill of sale requirements
Know the law, don’t be scared
Selling a car, gotta do it right
Nebraska’s got the rules, keep ’em in sight

Dallas, the big D, talkin’ ’bout the weed
Dallas legalize weed, you gotta read
Understand the laws, know the implications
Stay outta trouble, that’s the vision

How to pay taxes online, a complete guide
Como pagar los taxes online, no need to hide
Understand the system, don’t be late
Pay your taxes, don’t tempt fate

Wells Fargo bank’s legal department address, where to find
The contact details, don’t be blind
Know who to call, if you’re in need
Wells Fargo’s got your back, take the lead

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